Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India Ltd.
Formerly TI Financial Holdings Ltd.
Veteran's Memories

Plus Mr. Ramappa

Mr. Ramappa is an eminent Corporate Lawyer and author of several books on corporate laws. He was formerly Company Secretary of TI Miller and Bundy India Ltd in TII group. He shares his memories of Mr. Menon who spearheaded many export initiatives.

I was greatly grieved to hear of the passing away of Mr M N K Menon, who to me, always appeared to be ageless, smartly dressed and with the smoking pipe. My association with him began in 1964 and lasted till my retirement in 1990. Aplomb and debonair are the words that would properly describe him. He was forever friendly and completely free from status-consciousness. When will another Menon come?


Plus Mr. AR Rao

Mr. A R Rao – Retired as President, Tube Products of India, serving Murugappa Group for more than 25 years in various capacities shared his memories.


Netlon India, was a far flung outpost of the Group—not many people from HO would land up there, we were all to our selves. Daily pressures from external agencies for favors (cash and kind)were endemic. We decided to tackle the matter up front and asked our ad agency to make a few small boards, with the following message in English, Hindi, and Gujarathi—IN THIS COMPANY, WE NEITHER ACCEPT NOR GIVE BRIBES, THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. After a few weeks, these small boards were displayed at the reception, factory gate and factory office. Believe it or not—the pressures dropped, of course a few die hard guys subtly threatened us, but things were much better!! Innovative solutions when pushed to the wall


Sometime in 1987/88, when I was in the H R function of TII , on a Saturday morning, had to take all the performance appraisals of Management Staff to Dare house, from TIAM House for review by Mr. M V Subbiah. As it was a holiday, there were not many people around, and with both hands full of files, I managed to get into the lift. Before the doors could close, a gentleman of medium height also walked in. Being my very first visit to Dare house, I asked him the directions to Mr. Subbiah’s office. He said “Come with me, I will show you the place”. We reached the correct floor, and I followed him - bang on to Mr. Subbiah’s office, and he introduced himself “I am Subbiah, and this my office”---The rest is history.


When we were inaugurating TIDC Uttarakand plant, in 2008,Guruva Reddy, was the plant/project in-charge. It was a great day for us with Mr Alagappan Mr Murugappan, Mr Ram kumar and other senior colleagues present. Towards the end, of the function, he was asked to give the vote of thanks .Guruva, thanked all the people, authorities, etc ,etc ,etc. However, the clincher was —he THANKED THE MULES, BUFFALOES AND OTHER BEASTS OF BURDEN, who worked hard in bringing up the plant, in very difficult conditions— truly moving , thanks , Guruva