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Meeting of the old warhorses :

There was a celebration at the Presidency Club on 4th June 2016. It was a nostalgic reunion of senior executives who had served TII in the past. The meeting was organized by the ever energetic PK (P Krishnakumar, ex-TPI) and was attended by a good number of veterans, young and old (even past-masters from the 80s, Messrs. Balagopal and Palanikumar participated with great zest). None of them wanted to be classified as “oldies”, and so it was renamed the “Alumni Group”--- after all TII is the venerable alma mater, where most of them  learnt their ropes. Mr. A Vellayan, Group Chairman, was the guest of honour.  He thanked PK for the excellent organization and delighted everyone with his usual wit. He  added that TII has always been successful because it was built with the heart of so many sincere employees.

TII Alumni Meet