Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India Ltd.
Corporate Governance
Good corporate governance has consistently been TII’s cornerstone for sustained superior financial performance, and quality service to all its stakeholders. At TII, we firmly believe that the fundamental objective of corporate governance is enhancement of long-term shareholder value, while keeping the interests of all stakeholders in view.

Dedicated to the highest standards of corporate governance in all its activities and processes, the Company is committed to discipline, willingness, transparency and fairness. Key elements in TII’s corporate governance include:
  • Transparency
  • Disclosure
  • Supervision and internal controls
  • Risk management
  • Internal and external communications
  • High standards of safety, health, accounting fidelity, product and service quality
Besides drawing on the various legal provisions, group practices are continuously benchmarked in terms of the Confederation of Indian Industry Code and international studies. The entire process begins with the functioning of the Board of Directors, with leading professionals and experts serving as independent directors and represented in the various board committees. The Board has empowered an efficient team of experts to implement its policies and guidelines and has set up adequate review processes to ensure continual value generation.