Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India Ltd.
Formerly TI Financial Holdings Ltd.

Compliance Report on Corporate Governance for the quarter ended 30th September, 2015

Particulars Clause of Listing Agreement

Compliance Status

II. Board of Directors 49 (II)
(A) Composition of Board 49 (IIA) Yes
(B) Independent Directors 49 (IIB) Yes
(C) Non-executive Directors’ compensation & disclosures 49 (IIC) Yes
(D) Other provisions as to Board and Committees 49 (IID) Yes
(E) Code of Conduct 49 (IIE) Yes
(F) Whistle Blower Policy 49 (IIF) Yes

III. Audit Committee 49 (III)
(A) Qualified & Independent Audit Committee 49 (IIIA) Yes
(B) Meeting of Audit Committee 49 (IIIB) Yes
(C) Powers of Audit Committee 49 (IIIC) Yes
(D) Role of Audit Committee 49 (IIID) Yes
(E) Review of Information by Audit Committee 49 (IIIE) Yes

IV. Nomination for Remuneration Committee 49 (IV) Yes

V. Subsidiary Companies 49 (V) Yes

VI. Risk Management 49 (VI) Yes
VII. Related Party Transactions 49 (VII) Yes
VIII. Disclosures 49 (VIII)
(A) Related party transactions 49 (VIII A) Yes
(B) Disclosure of Accounting Treatment 49 (VIII B) Yes
(C) Remuneration of Directors 49 (VIII C) Yes
(D) Management 49 (VIII D) Yes
(E) Shareholders 49 (VIII E) Yes
(F) Proceeds from public issues, rights issues, preferential issues etc 49 (VIII F) N.A.

IX. CEO/CFO Certification 49 (IX) Yes

X. Report on Corporate Governance 49 (X) Yes

XI. Compliance 49 (XI) Yes