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Our journey towards Excellence…

With the introduction of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization policy of the Government, Indian industry was exposed to global competition and the Indian companies were adopting different approaches for excelling in their areas of operation. TQM, TPM, TPS, Deming model, Malcolm Baldridge and EFQM models were some of the paths adopted by different companies.

At TII, our journey towards excellence began with introduction of basic TQM which focuses on Customer, Continuous improvement, Employee involvement, Employee empowerment, and building a learning organisation.

We have embraced TQM and the EFQM model as a driver in 1998 and within the framework of TQM, some of the businesses adopted TPM as an approach to excel. In the process, Customer focus, Continuous improvement, People involvement, Employee empowerment, and building a learning organization has become the Mantra.

Though we had substantial gains from these initiatives / approaches and moved closer to the benchmark levels, the drive needs to continue. After a decade, we had a review of it which has resulted in few directional changes.

As an engineering company, we believe that we need to now focus on excelling in Manufacturing / Operations without losing the gains we had from the previous initiatives. This led us to develop our own approach through a model called the TII Operational Excellence (House of Excellence) in line with the models developed by companies like Toyota.

The OPEX Model:

TII - Operational Excellence Model

In the above model, the two pillars represent our commitment to delight customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, delivery and other valued services, and our intent to partner with Suppliers and Vendors in the process.

The basic foundation steps show our approach to create shop-floor excellence leading to Lean Manufacturing.

We will excel in PQCDSMT and create value for all our stakeholders by excelling in the areas of 5S, 3M, SHE, Visual Management, SOP, Automation and Lean Manufacturing and improve them continuously, involving our people, integrating our suppliers, benchmarking practices, setting benchmarks for performance and delighting our customers.

OPEX Goal:

To achieve excellence in terms of PQCDSMT to the bench mark level.

OPEX Objectives:
  • Building a Visual, Clean, Green and Safe factory where flow of materials is smooth and orderly.
  • Maximizing effective utilization of all resources
  • Nurturing a culture of continuous improvement in all spheres of activities through Total Employee Involvement.
  • Accomplishing and sustaining all stakeholders delight
To drive Operational Excellence, an Apex committee was formed at the corporate level, and at each business an OPEX committee was also formed with the Business Head as Chairman.

For further accelerating and strengthening the OPEX drive and aligning them appropriately in the business, a new Function named Manufacturing Engineering & Technology (MET) was formed under which an OPEX cell was developed with clear roles and responsibilities.

Operational Excellence Drive:

To start with, we focused more on Manufacturing and the roles of Operations, Manufacturing Engineering & Technology (MET) and Corporate Technology Centre (CTC) were defined as shown in the figure below.
OPEX Approach

Operations and MET is responsible for creating basic excellence in manufacturing through 5S, 3M, SHE, SOP and DWM. Restoration and prevention of failures and improvement through benchmarking will be focused by all the three (Operations, MET and CTC). Creating breakthrough with appropriate technology and systems is identified as focus areas for MET and CTC.

We strongly believe, Operational Excellence is a never ending journey and has to be imbibed in both heart and head, in that order of priority.

Our journey continues …..!