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Pedal-power: Next year's new bikes from TI

We profile the company's offerings for 2015

It has been a couple of years of chain reactions for TI Cycles. A spark of growth that had been set off by the increasing popularity of biking in India has helped TI post rapid growth in its cycles business. The company has responded by adopting new materials and sourcing global components, expanding the range and reach of its cycles. TI Cycles is present across the segments and if not already a market leader is targeting the top spot aggressively. Helping it achieve that target is going to be a new range of cycles, including, possibly, a new brand of bikes with cutting edge tech that will form its top-of-the-line.

Upgraded specs, global standards, colours and components – these will define the Montra in 2015, says Arun Alagappan, Managing Director, TI Cycles talking about their current flagship. The company has redefined itself with the introduction of premium and super premium bicycles in recent years which include some global brands that have been introduced into the domestic market. The objective is to match and compete with imported brands which are being rapidly introduced here as soon as they are launched in developed markets – “global trends come fast to India” says Alagappan.

2015 will see an aggressively expanded offering from the Murugappa group company – one highlight being the first, Indian, full-carbon-fibre road bike which is bound to strike a chord among speedsters and hardcore cyclists. Other novel introductions are a beach bicycle with balloon tyres more than four inches thick at an unimaginably low price compared to equivalent imported brands on offer in the market. The carbon road bike will be imported but the brand will be TI Cycles’ own. In the existing range, it will offer over 60 new models in the high-end segment including 23 under Montra, and 39 other global, imported brands such as Bianchi, Cannondale and Mongoose. In addition, it has also launched over 20 models under its mass premium segment - Hercules Rodeo.

So what makes the Montra special? Why should buyers pay a premium for the brand?

Alagappan said TI Cycles is the only fully integrated manufacturer of aluminium-alloy frame cycles. It buys the alloy pipes but processes it and makes the cycles entirely at its own factory. Components are imported global parts brands such as Shimano gear sets and Schwalbe tyres. They are made at the factory to international standards where the company manufactures for global OEMs for export. Montra is also being exported, he said. Another new feature will be the introduction of a 27-inch tyre on the mountain bikes MTB range. MTBs commonly feature 26-inch tyres and globally the 29-inch version, popularly referred to as the 29er, is catching on. TI Cycles is launching a 27.5 inch version to suit the Asian height – offering the roll-over benefit of a large diameter tyre on off-road trails, even while retaining the comfortable step-over height for getting on to the saddle. The cycle range will also target a wider segment of the market. Earlier, with the price and specs the company started with the entry level segments but is now launching at the other end of the market spectrum a full-spec carbon road bike with prices going well over a lakh rupees. It is also expanding the MTB range from the amateur segment to the performance models and the hybrid cycles too will feature a wider range including new tyre sizes.

Serious riders will also have an opportunity to mix and match components to suit their tastes. A buyer can opt for a particular brand for V-brakes or disc brakes. In carbon cycles, the company plans to offer frame sets to allow customers to choose their own components to go on to the frames.

KC Ramamoorthy, Vice President – International Business, TI Cycles says bicycling “is the new age golf” it builds communities and everybody wants to get into it whether out of a social consciousness of `going green’ or for fitness. The mass premium segment with the Hercules Rodeo priced at