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Girl breaks Piggy Bank to help Cyclone victims


Pretty Asina Parvin looks like just another Class one child. But in her school at Ambattur, she is known for her generosity.

The seven-year-old donated Rs. 3,052 that she had saved in her piggy bank to buy a cycle, to victims of Thane cyclone in Cuddalore in December 2011.

When she heard of the cyclone disaster that disrupted many families, she told her father she wanted to give away her savings to help the victims. She could buy a cycle later, she reasoned.

Hearing about her generosity, TI cycles came forward to present Asina her dream cycle. Now, she has started saving money in her second piggy bank to help others in distress.

Asina told DC of her sense of satisfaction when she helped the Thane victims. “Appa was reading a report on that cyclone in Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan and he said many little children like me were badly affected. I learnt that houses had collapsed and people were on the streets. He told me he wanted to donate something to the victims. I told him to take my savings,” she recalled.

Asina’s father Sheik Dawood, an electrician, and her homemaker mother Pathimuthu decided to fulfil her wish.

“We sent the money for cyclone relief. Within a few days, we received a call that TI cycle company staff wanted to give a cycle to Asina. She is happy she has got a pink cycle now,” said her mother.

Asina said her teacher Isai used to tell her she should always help the needy. “My teacher said I should help visually-challenged people cross the road, I should give food to those who are hungry and should try to help as much as I can,” she said.

Her parents are happy about their little angel. And if you are happy too, call to wish her on 9941438046.