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Cycle trekking picks up speed
Cycle trekking is a serious adventure
Digital consultant Shubho Sengupta, 32, is an avid bike trekker. A member of Pedal Yatri, a Gurgaon-based team of serious cyclists, Sengupta has been on cycle trekking expeditions to places like Ladakh and Manali. What has now caught his fancy is the most talked-about mountain bike at the 11th Auto Expo in the city — Trek Elite 9.9 SSL from Firefox priced at a whopping `4.25 lakhs.

Many can’t believe that a non-engine bike can cost so much. But professional bikers who keep a close track of events worldwide are welcoming such high-end bikes in India, despite their steep price tags. “When you trek at high altitude, moderate weight bikes are most comfortable,” shares Sengupta. Fully carbon-framed and weighing only 10 kg, Trek Elite has hydraulic shocks, high performance brakes and 30 speed variations.

Darvesh Taneja, 19, a young athelete who goes for long treks, feels that Indians are now taking bike trekking seriously. “Many youngsters can now dream of becoming trek professionals. Moreover, Indian roads have improved so much that bike rides are safe and comfortable,” says Taneja.

Also launched at the Auto Expo was Madone, 3.1 tagged at `1.10 lakhs. Adds Ajit Gandhi, deputy general manager, Firefox Bikes Pvt Ltd, “Our target groups are upper middle-class children above 12 years, young parents, professionals and all avid bikers.”

Recently a Cannondale Jekyll was sold for `5.5 lakhs. And international premium brands like Cannondale and Bianchi are making their way into India. “We do have various Bianchi and Cannondale bikes in the road and mountain bike segments which are worth a few lakhs of rupees,” says Rajesh Mani, general manager, marketing, TI, Cycles & BSA, Motors-CDHO-TICI.

These bikes are not meant just for adventure seekers, says Mani. “Any urban centre is a good market for performance bikes, which in our definition are road bikes (for racing professionals), mountain bikes and hybrid bikes (for city riding),” he says. “But the more expensive road bikes and mountain bikes are for cycling professionals and semi-professionals or people who have a passion for cycling. People may not get the best utilisation by riding it on regular Delhi roads. For regular Delhi roads, we would recommend hybrid bikes which are meant for city commuting,” he says.
If cost is not a factor and fun and adventure is all you care for, it’s time for some pretty fancy pedal-pushing. Happy cycling.