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Here's a cafe that encourages you to cycle

A view of the coffee-cum-cycle store

A view of the coffee-cum-cycle store

The humble bicycle has come a long way from being considered as poor man’s transport to status enhancer, used by the well-heeled to show off a lifestyle. In fact, the city has now got a cafe, Track & Trail, that blends coffee, cycles and cycling accessories.

German mountain biker Hans Rey inaugurated the cafe in Koramangala. He noted that Delhi and Pune were more bicycle-friendly than Bangalore.

He said the IT City would take some time before it adopts bicycles in a big way. Currently, cycling is far from becoming a preferred mode of transport here.

Moreover, expensive bicycles do not find many takers in Bangalore. Rey said motorcycles in India are cheaper than good-quality bicycles.

Professional cyclist Sameen Rizvi, whose bicycle costs about Rs3.5 lakh, said people in India had not realised the monetary value of modern bicycles yet.

‘Pedalling is more convenient’
Those who commute on bicycles say it is more convenient than motorised transport. Siddharth Kansal, a BCom student who covers seven km on his cycle every day from Koramangala to Jayanagar, swears by his bicycle. He takes his scooter only when it rains.

However, his friends do not share his enthusiasm. He says the only way to promote cycling is to show how much fun it is. He says there is no point in having dedicated cycle lanes as these yield no result, just like dedicated auto lanes have not.

Zameer Ahmed, who is involved with the cafe, says cycling groups in the city are growing strong. He says the weather and cosmopolitan culture are helping the city grow as a cycling hub. The cafe is being promoted as a meeting point for hobbyists where events can be organised, he said.

Further, the promoters of the store, TI Cycles, are considering a model wherein bicycles could be given to people on rent.