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City race to decide a Himalayan task

BANGALORE: The Hercules City Challenge (HCC) launches its 2011 campaign this Sunday in Bangalore with over 100 riders vying for a place in the famous MTB Himachal 2011, India’s premier international mountain bicycling challenge.

The event in Bangalore will comprise more than 100 riders over a 40 kilometre-roadcourse starting at Cubbon Park in the early hours of the morning and moving across the city to finish at the Airport Road (New).

With riders from each city all vying for that all expense paid trip to the Himalayas for the finale the field looks set to include top riders from across the country together with amateurs that will form their own battles India’s leading Formula 1 driver and brand ambassador of TI Cycles, Karun Chandhok was enthused by the return of the event and said, “I’m a massive fan of the sport and cover almost 100 kilometres every time I get on my bike wherever I am in the world.

It’s great to see the event picking up steam and encouraging more youngsters to take to cycling. The chance to cycle through the Himalayas should be phenomenal and I’m hoping I can join the riders for the MTB Himachal at the end of the year.

Bangalore’s youth are quite fitness oriented and I’m sure there will be plenty of riders battling it out this weekend and kudos to CRX and the sponsors for making it happen”.

Chain Reaxion Sports (CRX) is a sports event management group that specialises in cycling and is working in collaboration with the TI Group to make the HCC a success.

The event begins in Bangalore at 5.30 am with mechanic and medical support available to riders along the route as well.

Riding on the success of the event from 2010, the 2011 event then moves to Chennai on the September 18 before the final leg in Delhi on September 25.

Those interested can log onto  to register online or visit their nearest BSA Hercules Store.