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Game for riding a Rs 2 lakh cycle?

Bangalore: Just as India embraces a Rs 1 lakh car, the Murugappa Group has launched a bicycle worth a whopping Rs 2 lakh. While the Nano epitomises the dreams and aspirations of millions who have never driven a car, the Rs 2-lakh bicycle hopes to ride with 7,000 people who are looking to achieve an adrenalin rush by just cycling.

The premium cycle market in India, just about 7,000 units in size, has been growing at the rate of 25% annually. More urban Indians are taking to cycles to reach their offices or ride it for recreational reasons. The latest upmarket cycles from Murugappa’s TI Cycles will get dedicated service centres, where one can get the cycles overhauled just like a car, and purchase genuine spares, components, merchandise as well as cycling apparel.

TI Cycles has launched a slew of premium cycles in the range of Rs.20,000 to Rs.2,00,000, in partnership with leading global cycle manufacturers Bianchi and Cannondale.

So, what’s in it for the price? Well, each cycle is around 3 to 5 kilos lighter than existing cycles. Each aspect of the cycle has been handcrafted and fitted with tubeless tyres and cutting-edge technology in shock absorbers and gears. The cycle market in India has been undergoing a tectonic shift.