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Women Empowerment

Celebrating the Girl child

TII sponsors Development Centres for girls in 10 villages in Mirzapur District of UP. The Centres are run by IIMPACT an NGO which is committed to educating girl children from underprivileged communities.


Skill building for women

Women can be empowered if they have a professional skill that would make them economically independent. At the Tailoring Camp near our Tiruttani Plant, we have just done that in 2016!

CSR Tailoring Training for women

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Repaying our elders

Among the Urban poor, there is a significant gap in providing medical care for the senior citizens. To address this, TII has teamed with Helpage India to run a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU).

The MMU now offers regular service to needy elders in 10 localities in the Ambattur- Avadi Industrial belt. On an average nearly 1200 treatments are rendered every month and there are over 900 registered patients in addition to occasional patients who avail the services. What is more satisfying is that this addresses vulnerable sections --- 75-80% are women.

Mobile Medical Unit

During the Chennai floods this unit provided extra services to several flood affected citizens, by providing both medicines and essential goods.

Mobile Medical Unit

Health Camps for the neighbourhood

Healthy neighbourhoods produce strong citizens. Often, employees of our factories run voluntary health camps and blood donation camps for the welfare of the neighborhood where the factory is situated.

Medical Camp

Fighting Hunger

The TII team receiving the award from the CM of UttaraKhand State for their contribution towards the Government’s Hunger Eradication project…

Award from CM of Uttarakhand

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Excellence in education

TI School

Adjacent to the TI Cycles plant is the TI School which is supported by TII. In recent years, it has earned an enviable reputation and earned many accolades. Selection process is strict for both students and faculty, but teaching methods are liberal and contemporary.

TI School

Born to win

The 60 year old Sir A. Ramaswamy Mudaliar School near the TI Cycles factory, serves 2400 children. While the teachers are busy with completing the large academic syllabus, our employee volunteers are busy with a different role. Many children are from underprivileged background with few role-models for success. Our volunteers impart social and communication skills and prepare them to face the outside world with confidence.

Born to win

Building Industrial Skills

At Avadi we run a technical school with a difference. It not only provides a well equipped workshop for turning out competent mechanical operators; it provides them additional inputs such that they are employable from Day 1 of joining any factory.

A well equipped workshop
Fitter Training
...that also builds great team players
Soft Skill Training

Small is beautiful

There are many small schools in the villages near our factories, which render yeoman’s service. Many of them are under-resourced. Our volunteers interact with the school administrators and provide support for initiatives that are jointly identified.


Supporting Management Education

The IFMR is one of the most respected business schools in Chennai. In 2015, TII contributed funds for financing a part of their new campus in Sri City.

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Science for Rural India

The MCRC is a research foundation promoted by the Murugappa Group, which focuses on Eco-friendly Technologies and Rural Applications. TII has funded some of their specific projects like natural dyes, which will not only be eco-friendly but also improve the farmers’ earnings.


Relief & Rehabilitation

Disaster Relief

In December 2015, Chennai was affected by the worst floods in 100 years. Our factory canteens worked continuously to make food packets for the marooned citizens. And our volunteer teams reached out by delivering, food , medicine and essential goods.

Flood Relief
Flood Relief

Murugappa Group Executive Chairman A.Vellayan presents a cheque for Rs.5 crore to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on 13 Dec 2015 for flood relief in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu

Murugappa Chairman donates 5 crore for flood relief

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