Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India
Tube Investments of India Ltd.
What We Offer

We are a Group that believes in the power of our people. Make a Winning beginning with us.

Diversity - in Business and Opportunities:
TI gives an employee the unique opportunity to work in diverse roles, functions and locations. Inter-departmental transfers are options laid open to employees, thus honing their skills and facilitating all round development. It is not rare to find a hard-core finance person moving into supply chain and then heading a business; or a technical professional getting into strategic planning and becoming the CEO. We are an organisation that encourages and appreciates creativity, innovation and new initiatives by employees. Growth opportunities offered, are endless, for the motivated.

Structured People Processes:
At TI, we meticulously groom employees keeping in mind their strengths and areas of interest through high profile, intensive management training programmes. Our programmes are designed to realise our vision of growth and progress. People development processes such as TPM/TQM, Balanced ScoreCard, Policy Deployment, Competency based development, Business Leadership Programmes groom our people into competent leaders and global managers, ready to take on the highly competitive world of today

Empowering People:
Being part of TI is an enriching and exciting experience. Building a strong team capable of fostering growth in the varied businesses and at the same time providing every individual job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment is the focus of all our HR initiatives. We endeavour to be not merely an employer but a company that vests power in its people to achieve; we offer not just a job but a satisfying career.

Celebrating Work:
We provide the challenges and targets that stretch the employees' talents. After a hard project, we encourage them to celebrate their success and let down their hair as well. Many of our Units have their own Sports and Cultural activities. They promote camaraderie and recharge the employees.

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