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Training & Development
Ambient atmosphere for Learning at Institution - Industry Interaction Centre (IIIC), Avadi
Different stages of an employee's career are planned methodically by campus relationship programmes, management trainee schemes, competency development programmes and succession planning,. At TII we firmly believe that, to be purposeful, Training should address both the Business needs and the employee’s aspirations. This is achieved by a comprehensive annual Training Plan which is derived from the Business plan and Assessment of Individual Training needs. It is a judicious blend of in-house company level programmes, Murugappa Group level programmes and external programmes. The Plan is regularly monitored to ensure that the objectives are met and course corrections , where needed, are injected. The company has a well established evaluation process based on the Kirkpatrick Model. The Faculty for In-house programmes is primarily drawn from premier business schools and training institutes with research backing.   Institution-Industry Interaction Centre (IIIC)
Over the years, the company has also developed an excellent repository of trainers comprising the domain experts within the company. The company has a separate training center called Institution - Industry Interaction Centre (IIIC), in the serene setting of Avadi, a building blending the southern architectural richness of the Chettinad and Malabar styles The facilities at IIIC is complete, with fully equipped air conditioned Training halls, well stacked Library, Audio Visual and other Training Aids, Guest house and Dining facilities. IIIC is ISO 9001 certified. The centre is truly a “Place of Learning” for both TI and other Murugappa Group companies. Even good technologists need constant updates on their specialized domains and on technology management.   Institution-Industry Interaction Centre (IIIC) - Rear View
Participants are chosen from TI's existing pool of technocrats, based on their performance and commitment to TI's business goals. In order that promising middle managers achieve their full potential, and graduate to senior leadership positions,TI has developed a unique management development program called TI Senior Management Program (TISP). Designed and implemented in collaboration with Great Lake Institute of Management, a premier management institute in Chennai, it is a unique blend of theory, contemporary management practice and TI values. All middle managers will be put through this program in order to transform them into better Managers and future General Managers to reinforce Business Leadership. The Management Development Centre (MDC) established in 2004 is the platform on which leadership building programmes for our senior executives across the Murugappa Group are conducted. The overall philosophy of these programmes is founded on the belief that the grooming of business leaders requires a multi-pronged approach involving conceptual and reflective learning, a deep insight into one's own beliefs, values and attitudes, action learning and internalisation for better effectiveness as individuals and leaders.   Library at Management Development Centre (MDC)